Written by Tony Miller on November 18, 2015
Anika Jüerss – Laboratory Attendant   Lianyu Yuan – Visiting Scientist   Huiying He – Visiting Scientist   Xue He – Visiting Scientist   Chengwu Liu – Postdoctoral Scientist   Kalyani Kallam – Postdoctoral Scientist   Agamemnon Soutas – Laboratory Attendant   Freddie Morrison – Industrial Placement Research Student   Thomas Vincent – PhD Student   Wenjing Li – […] read more

Nitrogen Research

Written by Tony Miller on November 12, 2015
Nitrogen (N) use efficiency is a major issue for agriculture across the world. We now have many molecular tools to address this important topic in new ways. Grass and legume forage crops are harvested when the leaf canopy is fully established and the dried material is an important protein source for animal feed. The challenge […] read more

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